Brand Intelligence & Brand Protection

Making digital commerce trustworthy through
big data, AI and blockchain

Our Technology

Big Data

Our proprietary multi-platform data collecting clusters perform 24x7 scanning of all major e-commerce and social sites, allowing us to efficiently sync data that is analyzed to provide information and insights.


Our AI system uses advanced NLP and image recognition capabilities with machine learning and deep learning to verify fake products. Combining with human layer, it constantly evolves from learning through wisdom of crowd.


A public and private blockchain will contain whitelists and blacklists of bad links, platforms and sellers of counterfeit products. This data can be accessed by brands and enforcement agencies to take proactive action against counterfeiters.


Anti-piracy solution

Continuous product image tracking from e-commerce sites and detected pirated products through enhanced AI and image recognition. We protect the IP of brand’s products and avoid emergence of all kinds of copycats in the market. We solve the major problem of storing and presenting evidence in infringement litigation. Actionable insights helps initiate patent infringement litigation.

Anti-counterfeit solution

Continuous and real-time data tracking of e-commerce sites and detecting counterfeit products by utilizing AI, natural language analysis and enhanced image recognition capabilities helps take down counterfeit product link to clean up e-commerce platform to win back customer trust. We also provide clear ROI data for the brand’s management to recognize the effort and value of protecting IP and brand reputation.

Channel management solution

Continuous monitoring of distributors’ online sales behavior like price, sales channels, sales areas, products, etc., and utilizing AI technology to identify violation products, which can be taken down or action can be taken against non-compliant distributors/resellers.

Social Intelligence Service

Online selling has become more competitive. E-commerce platforms are expanding into social media in an effort to penetrate the market better. Social platforms like Facebook and WeChat are taking a step ahead to integrate the e-commerce element in social. Therefore, brand protection would require more social intelligence in future. We've been providing social intelligence for years and we believe that combining this aspect with our Brand Protect services will help us offer a more comprehensive way of helping brands protect their reputation.

Through this service, we offer

  • Consumer Insight
  • Counterfeiter Analytics on Social
  • Competition Tracking


Brand Protection Platform

Our comprehensive brand protection services protect your brand’s authenticity from counterfeiters and IP infringers who want to profit from your reputation and popularity. Our AI-powered system evolves and is always a step ahead of counterfeiters to offer you unmatched protection.

Real time
product monitoring
and analytic report

Our monitoring occurs in real time so that you are always a step ahead in the information game. We report all activities for your perusal and analysis.

Tracking distributor
online store status

We keep constant track of all pertinent online stores and report any deviations that might endanger your brand’s reputation.

and user-friendly
system set up

You get a simple, clean and clutter-free dashboard that helps you get powerful insights and information without overwhelming you.

simplyData –
Social Intelligence Service

The entry of e-commerce on social sites has triggered the need for robust social intelligence capabilities to protect brand reputation and IP infringement issues on social platforms. Our comprehensive social intelligence service tracks all major platforms to help protect your brand from piracy, and provides actionable insights from brand sentiment analysis.

Brand performance monitoring platform
for marketers

Our robust platform scans all relevant sites to bring you information what is being said about your brand and how it is performing.

Data insight platform for
marketing intelligence

Powerful insights are generated on your brand’s sentiment that help you create targeted marketing strategies or take proactive action.

Our Advantages

Situated at
the heart of the problem

Based in Shanghai, China, we are in a unique position to look at the core of the global counterfeiting problem. Our distinctive perspective gives us a matchless advantage to create solutions to tackle this menace. We constantly track all major Chinese as well as global e-commerce platforms and social sites.

Powered by data and
cutting-edge technology

We combine the inimitable power of Big Data analysis, AI and blockchain tech to drive our state-of-the-art proprietary software platform that helps us offer holistic detection and monitoring capabilities for brands.


We acknowledge that every brand has different challenges to address. We offer tailor-made solutions for brands from different industries and verticals, that will tackle their unique problems .